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Miss Fit offers services suitable for everyone, of any age or level of fitness. Alex and our Miss Fit team are specially trained to improve health and fitness through exercise for all our clients. In addition, we can adapt our fitness programs to reduce or reverse the progression of disease or disability, for our clients with injuries or medical conditions, some of which are detailed below.

Hip and Knee Replacements

Exercising following hip and knee replacements is significant, particularly for reducing pain and restoring range of motion, assisting with the return to daily activities. Regular rehabilitative exercises for maintaining muscle strength and joint range of motion are important in reducing recovery time and allowing a smooth transition back into everyday activities.

WOMEN post pregnancy

The rectus abdominus muscle often separates during pregnancy, and may exist postpartum. A large separation postpartum may be an indication of diastasis of the rectus abdominus muscles (DRAM) which can be linked to lower back pain and urinary dysfunction. The abdominal muscles are integral to functional activities of daily living, emphasising the importance of regular exercising and strengthening of these muscles.

Back injuries

Exercise is important for improving the strength of different muscles which helps to reduce pain and increase mobility. Strengthening the back muscles assists in reducing the instability of the lumbar spine, while strengthening abdominal muscles is important for stabilising the spine. Flexibility exercises are also important, as they help to improve and maintain range of motion which assists in movement and increases the ease of performing activities of daily living.

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